Don and Leanne were very professional! They walked us through every step that they were taking, what happened and what needed to be done. My husband and I couldn't have found a better attorney than Don. Leanne was the very best assistant I've ever met. They helped us out tremendously when we didn't even think it was possible. I would definitely rate this company another star if I had the option. I highly recommend them!

Sandra F

Mr. Fletcher and Lian were knowledgeable, professional and effective from the get go, which made me hire their services without looking further after talking to Mr. Fletcher for the first time, when I felt I needed a lawyer to tackle a a traffic violation occurred on the way to Big Bend, far away from Austin where we live. ..Mr. Fletcher and Lian handled the case effectively, updated me when needed and got the results I was hoping for. Therefore I can warmly recommend Mr. Fletcher if the case you wish to handle is within their covered territory.


The man is on the level. When you need professional help he is the Gentleman to call upon. Well worth it! Five stars to you Good Sir.

Gustavo D

This is by far the best place to seek assistance in the Odessa TX area. They do what they say they will and they keep you well informed. Outstanding people to hire if you are in need of an attorney. We had someone else hired at the time and called every other place in town. Mr. Fletcher and Miss Leanne took the case and accomplished what needed to be done in a few short days. If you could rate 10 stars I would. Thank you

Colt G

Mr Fletcher literally saved my two daughters and I from homelessness. He was able to convince the judge to allow me to get an out of state transfer from Texas to California where I can get help from my family to get back on my feet. I was charged with felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and my probation officer and judge initially did not allow the transfer. Mr Fletcher was able to get it done. And to top things off Mr fletcher and LeAnn have been so kind to my daughters, they gave my kids Christmas presents In our time of need. Thank you again Mr fletcher and LeAnn from the bottom of my heart!

Danny L.

Mr. Fletcher treated me with respect and was always available when I needed him. If he was tied up in court house he would make it a point to get back with you and kept his word. He gave fair rates and expectations. I would highly recommend his services if you want a fair outcome. I was extremely satisfied and my life was put back to normal. His team is family run and he treats you as family. Don is A number 1 in my book.

Stuart S.

Don was very personable and knowledgeable, and helped me a ton I would recommend him again to anyone.

Cody R.