Criminal Defense Attorney in Odessa, TX

Don R. Fletcher, Attorney at Law

Are you facing criminal charges? You'll need the multifaceted expertise of Don R. Fletcher, a criminal defense attorney to win your case. As a former prosecutor, he knows both sides of the law and can help you come up with a plan to win. At Don R. Fletcher, Attorney at Law, we strive for a high level of service. Don will work with you to understand the criminal charges you're facing, and use his knowledge and expertise to give you the best advice.

We protect the rights of every client who walks through our doors, which is why every case we take receives personalized attention from Don R. Fletcher. Through this approach, our firm is prepared to represent you in a wide range of cases. Don't see your criminal offense on our page? No problem. We cover a wide range of offenses and can help you get the assistance you need.

Call us today! We’re available Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m., and represent clients in and around the Odessa, TX area.

Criminal Charges We Can Help With

- Arson
- Assault
- Assault/Family violence
- Aggravated assault
- Burglary
- Child endangering
- Credit card abuse
- Criminal mischief
- Criminal trespass
- Deadly conduct
- Drug charges
- Unauthorized use of motor vehicle
- Evading arrest
- False ID
- Forgery
- Fraud
- Vandalism
- Homicide
- Kidnapping
- Manslaughter
- Murder
- Organized criminal activity
- Probation revocation
- Public intoxication
- Resisting arrest
- Robbery
- Aggravated robbery
- Sexual assault
- Tampering with evidence
- Tampering with witness
- Weapons charges
- Theft offenses
- Other felonies/misdemeanors
* Ask about expunction of criminal records and motions for nondisclosure.