Misdemeanor Attorney in Odessa, TX

Residents in Odessa, TX and surrounding areas who need help with a misdemeanor can visit the law office of Don R. Fletcher, Attorney at Law. We offer a 30-minute initial consultation at no charge and without obligation to assess your misdemeanor. Our fees and rates are reasonable, and we have financing options available.

We protect the rights of every client who walks through our doors, which is why every case we take receives personal attention from Don R. Fletcher. Our firm believes in the law, and we ensure it works for you in your situation. 

If you’re facing a misdemeanor, you'll need the expertise of Don R. Fletcher. As a former prosecutor, he knows both sides and can help you with your case. At Don R. Fletcher, Attorney at Law, we strive for a high level of service. Call our office today for your consultation!

Misdemeanor Offenses

- Shoplifting or petty theft
- Assault
- Indecent Exposure
- Vandalism
- Prostitution
- Possession
- Public Drunkenness
- Perjury
- Resisting Arrest
- Violating A Restraining Order

We cover many different facets of misdemeanors. If you don't see the one you're being charged for, give us a call for your professional legal advice.