If You've Violated Your Probation in Odessa, TX

A criminal defense attorney will help you defend your rights

The rules for probation are different in every county. If you end up violating your probation, you need to consult a criminal defense attorney in Odessa, Texas. Don R. Fletcher, Attorney at Law will stand by your side during your probation revocation hearing and help present your defense in front of the judge.

Probation violations are often a misunderstanding rather than a blatant violation. Our team will sort through all the details in the hopes of avoiding a probation revocation hearing altogether.

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What are some of your limitations while on probation?

Being on probation comes with a lot of restrictions. Your criminal defense attorney will explain the details of your probation requirements. However, some of the most common probation terms include:

  • Monthly visits from authorities
  • Curfew and travel limitations
  • Community service requirements
  • Drug and alcohol restrictions

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