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Arrested for Drug Possession in Texas?

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Drug possession charges should never be taken lightly. If convicted, your future could be at stake, from your career to your family to your reputation. Penalties of a drug possession conviction can range from substantial fines to prison sentences. Don't fight your legal battle alone. Work with a skilled drug possession attorney to pursue a fair outcome to your case. At The Law Office of Don R. Fletcher, Inc., I'm prepared to help guide you through the Texas legal process. Together, we'll work to protect your future and defend your rights.

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Texas Drug Possession Laws

The consequences of a Texas drug possession conviction typically depend on the amount found on the person accused, as well as the type of drug they were charged with possessing. If they were in the presence of minors when arrested, the charges may be more severe. If you've been charged with drug possession in Texas, it's important to know the laws.

Marijuana is legal in some states, but not in Texas. If you obtain recreational marijuana in another state and bring it back to Odessa, Texas, you could be charged with possession of a controlled substance. This is a second-degree felony, and you could be punished severely in court. Your charges may also violate the Texas Controlled Substances Act. At The Law Office of Don R. Fletcher, Inc., I represent clients in these situations. I'll work with you to find out whether the police followed the right protocol for your arrest and seek to get your charges dismissed.

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If you've been accused of possessing a controlled substance, don't hesitate to act now. Defend your reputation with an experienced criminal defense attorney. I'm prepared to help you understand your charges, prepare possible defenses, and seek justice. From my office in Odessa, I proudly serve clients in Midland, Andrews, and Fort Stockton, Texas. Your future can't wait. Contact me today to schedule a free case consultation.